The seven dragons for the seven daemons

The earliest practice medicine in China were intertwined with the shamanic arts, it is from this that Chinese Medicine is derived. Therefore it is only customary that Chinese medicine touches on the supernatural such as ghosts, entities and spirits.

In classical five element acupuncture that is one of the main protocols of treatment in the early stages of possession. All treatment should start with this protocol. The person may have full on possession with entities or just not in control with their thoughts and actions and this protocol will do wonders. It grounds the Shen which is the heart spirit fully into the body, when your spirit is grounded into the body and meets the Jing, the essence of the Kidney, then you manifest your destiny and mandate. This allows you to fulfil your full potential. In Chinese Jing Shen means to be vital, when Jing and Shen meet then everything is possible. When one has maximum vitality then one can achieve their full potential. Action and movement becomes fluid and spontaneous. In spontaneity, talent and creativity can shine through.

This is an ancient pattern that goes back to the ancient shamanic practices of China.  Since the cultural revolution, the Chinese government have purge all mention of spirit from what is now TCM. In fact spirit is the most important point of being, it is from spirit we have creativity, it is from spirit we can reach our highest potential, it is from spirit that we can achieve greatness. Spirit unleashes the blocks to potential, it provides the path to destiny.

With the Seven Dragons there are 2 different protocols, the internal dragons and the external dragons. The internal dragons are useful for energy or spirit distortion within the body, and the external dragons is useful for distortions within the aura. This is a way of calling the seven benevolent dragons to chase away invasive energy. The internal dragons will ground the Shen right into the body so that no external energies can penetrate. The feeling is you are full grounded within yourself. The external dragons will purge all negative energy or entities from the aura and strengthen the auric shield so the is a buffer between the person and the outside.

When the external and internal dragons are done properly the brightness of the eyes return and the real person is reached within.

Instructions on the Internal dragons, External dragons


The Five Elements Gye Bennetts

Receiving Spirit Debra Kaatz


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