Five Shu Points

Acupressure Holding Points Using Five Element/Five Shu Points.


Imagine a still well of water. Now a spring, where the water slowly springs from the earth. The water increases and runs into a stream and the water runs along at a faster speed. The stream expands into a river. The river then parts into the sea where the water runs deep.

The point at which the Qi rises is known as the Jing-Well. At the Ying-Spring the Qi glides across the point. The Qi then flows at the Jing river, and then as an estuary flowing into the sea, the Qi expands and enters deep into the body.

Background information

Acupressure holding points is one of the corrections used to restore improved function to an unlocking muscle. It is a powerful technique when Neuro Lympathics and Nero Vasculars don’t give the desired outcome. The technique is based around the five element theory dating back to the ancient text the Nei Jing. An entire system of Acupuncture is based on the five element theory and treatment of the five points on each Meridian. Dr John Thie, founder of touch for health is the person that implemented this into Kinesiology.

To understand this we must try and understand the way the Chinese looked at this theory. In the creation cycle Wood creates Fire through providing fuel for combustion. Fire Generates Earth by the ash from burning. Earth supports metal by forming minerals and bringing it to surface. Metal enriches water with substances that enhance it’s properties. Water nourishes wood by moistening it. From this cycle we say Mother gives energy to daughter.

In the control cycle Water restrains Fire by quenching it. Wood inhibits Earth by covering it. Fire restrains Metal by melting it. Earth controls water by holding it, example a dam. Metal cuts wood. In this cycle the Grandmother controls the daughter.

The Chinese use the story of family relationships to explain it also. Each element has a Grandmother, Mother and daughter interaction with another element. The mother gives to the daughter, but the grandmother steps in to control that giving. This is how the Qi flow can be balance by bring in the other elements of the five element system.

For example looking at the wood element is the daughter element of water. The water element is the mother of wood. The metal element is the grandmother of wood. The mother relationship is in the Shen cycle and the grandmother relationship is in the Ko cycle.

Another metaphor

We want to fill a bucket (daughter element) with water so we need to turn on the tap to let the water flow (mother element). To prevent an overflow we then need to turn off the tap (grandmother element).

To balance we use the five shu points. Each meridian has 5 shu points each of which corresponds to one of the five elements. Each shu point has a corresponding shu point of the same element on another meridian.

Correction Technique


In principle the first points we hold, we are pouring energy in via the creation cycle, thus the mother element The second points we hold is to control and balance the energy that was poured through in the first two points, which is the control cycle and the grandmother element.

The Liver channel is depleted and in need of chi to restore its function. To gain energy from the mother channel, we hold the water shu point of kidney 10 and liver 8. They are the sea points for both. Then to control it we hold the Metal shu points on both channels, thus metal cutting the wood. The points are liver 4 and lung 8.  The Liver 4 is the metal shu point on the Liver channel. Lung 8 is the metal shu point on the Lung channel. Both of those points are Jing-River points relating to metal element. We hold the metal shu points on both channels.

Kidney – Mother, Liver – daughter, Lung – grandmother.

Sedating Technique

This sedation technique can be used to balance any over energies that is a result of tonification.

If the liver channel was that of over energy, the daughter becomes a mother so we need to give some of her energy to her daughter the heart points. These are the fire points. The second points would still be the same grandmother.

The liver channel is over energized, the qi drawn into another channel. The remove excess qi we hold the Liver 2 and heart 8. They are both fire shu points of the ying spring. The fire shu point, in the five element cycle fire receives energy from wood. In this case the mother is liver, the daughter is fire, and the grandmother is metal. Then we hold the Metal shu points Lv 4 and Lu 8 to control the energy.

Liver –Mother, Fire –daughter,  Lung – grandmother.

Five Shu Points Chart

Yin Meridians Jing-well
LU LU 11 LU 10 LU 9 LU 8 LU 5
PC PC 9 PC 8 PC 7 PC 5 PC 3
HT HT 9 HT 8 HT 7 HT 4 HT 3
SP SP 1 SP 2 SP 3 SP 5 SP 9
LV LV 1 LV 2 LV 3 LV 4 LV 8
KD KD 1 KD 2 KD 3 KD 7 KD 10
Yang Meridians Jing-well
LI LI 1 LI 2 LI 3 LI 5 LI 11
TH TH 1 TH 2 TH 3 TH 6 TH 10
SI SI 1 SI 2 SI 3 SI 5 SI 8
ST ST 45 ST 44 ST 43 ST 41 ST 36
GB GB 44 GB 43 GB 41 GB 38 GB 34
UB UB 67 UB 66 UB 65 UB 60 UB 40

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