The Lachesis Woman Part 3

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Lachesis is grouped into the animal kingdom and snake remedies. Being a snake remedy that are some themes that go along with it. Snakes is about having the upper hand to your enemies, striking from behind or striking a weak spot. Snakes will do anything to win but using underhanded methods. They can use lies, cheat, deceit, misdirection.

Jealousy is a major theme in the animal Kingdom, especially the Snake remedies. According to Sankaran, the theme is “between me and someone else”. An outside entity is causing all the problems. It is competition, survival of the fittest. Attractiveness. The characteristics of the remedy will mimic the survival mode of the animal it is derived from.

With the Snake it is defenceless, apart from it’s poison which strikes the weak point. It is swift and stealth. Strike to kill when it cannot be threatened. Always on guard, ready to strike. Territorial…

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Lachesis the Final Transformation

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I have been very happy with a client on Lachesis who is making a transformation. This is a symposium of how Lachesis treatment would progresses and how I envision one would progress under transformation. The Lachesis starts off as a highly strung and coiled individual. There is sexual tension, over stimulation that seeks an outlet. If the tension is suppressed it will cause the person many problems. Once the energy is transformed into a more stable and directed focus, there is opportunity of an ultimate spiritual experience.

At first that tension could be expressed as loquacity, depression, the suppression of the female organs. The tension is suppressed like a pressure cooker, and will soon explode in the owner’s face. The energy is so much that the owner fails to control this energy and that misdirection becomes a sort of depression that one experiences. In excess the energy is expressed in…

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Arnica the miracle healer

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ArnicaThe miracle healer

I have been using Arnica this miracle remedy for quite a while on myself and others. Arnica being a plant remedy is a very versatile remedy. The benefits are endless. It is known as the first remedy to turn to for shock and trauma, muscle aches and pains, and injuries. It can be used for physical and mental fatigue, insomnia, lack of focus, and a general tonic for health and wellbeing.

I use Arnica 30c wet dose twice a day following the method of Joe Di Livera under the coined term of Joepathy . A well know follower of Homeopathy who has developed his own method of using Homeopathy which centres around Arnica. Friends and family who have consulted me have also been put on Arnica 30c to great benefit on a myriad of issues from Alcoholism to Insomnia and Diabetes.

Recently I passed by a friend’s…

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The homeopathic remedy Ignatia is made from the seeds of the Strychnos ignatia tree. The beans of the plant contain the alkaloids strychnine and brucine. This is also contained in the Nux Vomica seeds. It is no surprise that there are similarities in Nux Vomica and Ignatia. The strychnine is more stronger in the Ignatia and therefore is is a more destructive picture than Nux Vomica. Ignatia is on a far more emotional level than Nux Vomica.

The emotional sphere is very strong and important with Ignatia, the theme is to express that built up emotion and grief. The main characteristic of Ignatia is grief, every negative in their life is expressed as grief which becomes guilt and regret. The positive emotion of grief is benevolence. This theme is very much a metal in the chinese five element system. The positive is about letting go of old waste, thoughts to become receptive of what is pure and new. The energy of silence you can hear the pin drop after the metal element has infused the room.

Ignatia often have many problems associated with lungs, large intestine and colon. In a negative state of Ignatia the patient can feel as if poisoned by certain toxins, because the constitution picture often mimics the substance it is derived from and in this case it is a poisonous substance.

Nux Vomica

I have been treating quite a few Nux Vomica patients, mainly men are Nux. These people are very interesting. They have so much tenacity and energy even towards their older years. Nux just want to conquer in everything they do, they need to get to the top. According to Homeopathic Psychology Alexander the Great is a Nux Vomica. Alexander the Great is the ultimate Nux conqueror, robust in mind and body, great thinker and military strategist. Some theories regarding Alexander the Great’s death is poisoning by Strychnine laced wine. He died by his own nature. Strychnine is a major compound of the Nux Vomica tree. It is also know as the Strychnine tree. This tree contains highly poisonous substance of strychnine and brucine. The same two compounds are contained in the Strychnos ignatia tree. The Ignatia remedy is derived for this tree. Ignatia types is quite similar to the Nux Vomica, the personality Ignatia seems like a muted version of Nux.

Nux Vomica is a type that you do not want to mess with because majority of the time the Nux will win. I have heard of one Nux took on a major bank and won few minutes after walking through the door. Success in this world comes naturally to Nux, creating wealth and power comes naturally to them. They can build vast empires or even little ones in their own local community. I haven’t met one Nux who struggled in life financially or otherwise. Nux are always successful in their endeavours. They seem to hold an authority over people even in social settings. They command respect and receive it. Nux Vomica’s can become burnt out due to overwork and exhaustion, at that point can lose their vitality and robustness. They can also lose that formidability and command that is the Nux trait. In that case taking Nux Vomica can restore all their positive Nux traits as shift the negative traits into balance.

Migraine and Headaches

Migraines suffers often have clogged blood vessels, poor circulation and inflammation in the areas of the brain. It is a precursor to Stroke.Migraines are associated with blocked-vessel stroke because of the change in blood vessel size and blood flow in the brain. The swollen vessels send pain signals to the brain causing a migraine. It is extremely important to treat migraines accordingly as they could cause the sufferer to have a stroke in the future. Recent studies show those who suffer from something called migraine with aura have double, or perhaps triple, the risk of stroke or heart attack, compared with people who don’t get migraines at all.

Some alternative treatments include taking a teaspoon of DMSO with juice or water daily until the migraines alleviates. DMSO will dissolve any blood clotting in the blood as well as soothe inflammation. Essential oils like Lavender and Peppermint can be used topically for immediate relief. Frankincense the father of essential oils can be taken internally to relieve inflammation which would work towards soothing the migraines.

*Please read the disclaimer, this advice is not intended to treat diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.